太和艺术空间是中国当代水墨艺术的早期拓荒者。1996年由资深艺术经纪人、策展人贾廷峰创立于安徽合肥,2009 年入驻798 国际艺术区。空间是50 年代初由东德设计并建造具有包豪斯风格的排架大跨式厂房改建而成,展厅面积500 平米,纵高5 米,展线逾100 米。二十余年来,太和艺术空间已展出数百位当代艺术家作品。


the owner/ president of Taihe Art Gallery——Tingfeng Jia

Tingfeng Jia is the owner/ president of Taihe Art Gallery, vice chief of the Art Display & Decoration Committee of China, art advisor of the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange, and the former chief editor of the “Art Collection” magazine”. He is now the invited columnist of the leading art site “Artron.net”, magazines “Fortune Art”, “China Economic Weekly”, and “China Culture Daily”. Jia is an independent Journalist, curator, critic, contemporary art promoter.

Tingfeng Jia has 30 years of experience in the art industry. He is one of the earliest pioneering practitioners in the Chinese art market. He has established Taihe Art Gallery as the first art institution dedicates to contemporary ink art in the 798 art zone in Beijing. Numerous of his academic writings were published by the major art media. He is also a contributing researcher/ scholar in the field of contemporary art, contemporary ink market, and academic researches.