Viewing the Mystery of Cosmos and Cleaning the Dust of Soul —— Liu Zijian Ink Wash Exhibition

2019.05.18 - 2019.06.18

Liu Zijian Ink Wash Exhibition

2019/05/18 - 2019/ 06/18



Taihe Art Gallery
Taihe Art Gallery is a pioneer in Chinese contemporary Ink art. In 1996, the gallery was founded in
Hefei, Anhui Province by Tingfeng Jia –senior curator/ art agent. In 2009, Taihe Art gallery moved
to the 798 International Art District in Beijing. The 500 square meters gallery space sets in a
reconstructed Bauhaus style large-span factory built designed in the 1950s. The exhibition hall
scales 5 meters in height and more than 100 meters in the display line. For more than 20 years,
Taihe Art Gallery has exhibited hundreds of Chinese contemporary works by contemporary
Taihe Art Gallery has always been committed to promoting Chinese contemporary art into the
international context. Taihe Art Gallery especially dedicates to the discovery and excavation of
Chinese contemporary ink art, cultivation and promotion of artists with original spirit. Along with
a strong rooting heritage of ancient Chinese Culture and the inspiration of international art’s
merit, Taihe Art Gallery quests to reshape the Chinese contemporary Art standard and create a
free and independent way of artmaking.